MKDP pledges to help Buszy users

Following media reports and social media debates Milton Keynes Development Partnership (MKDP) is seeking to clarify incorrect information from various sources:

  • The removal of Make a Difference as a tenant does not mean the building will no longer be available to groups and organisations.
  • Make a Difference’s occupation of the Buszy building has been brought to an end by MKDP.  MKDP is willing to help current users continue their operations and is encouraging them to contact them by calling 01908 254321 or emailing MKDP has requested a list of users so that it may contact them. So far Make a Difference has been unable to provide MKDP with this list.
  • MKDP offered Make a Difference use of the Buszy building until January 8th at nil rent. This offer has not yet been formally accepted.
  • The car park will continue with its 250 spaces being charged at current rates for the foreseeable future.
  • MKDP is working on a business continuity plan for the building and further announcements will be made soon.
  • MKDP is intending to attend the “Save the Buszy” meeting on the evening of October 15th and will be pleased to clarify its position and answer questions.
  • MKDP is keen to regularise the use of its property and to ensure that revenues raised from car parking charges are allocated appropriately.

Charles Macdonald, MKDP’s chief executive says: “The termination of Make a Difference’s lease was as a result of our aim to regularise arrangements revealed as part of our ongoing review of the property portfolio under MKDP’s management. We value the work and activities currently undertaken at the Buszy building and are keen to help users to continue.”

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