As part of the Labour led council’s commitment to invest in the improvement of our road network, a number of roads in CMK will benefit from resurfacing works in the coming months.

These include:

  • V8 Marlborough Street (H5 to H6, Southbound)
  • Saxon Gate Southbound (Midsummer Blvd to Avebury Blvd)
  • Secklow Gate (Midsummer Blvd to Avebury Blvd)
  • V7 Saxon Street (H5 to H4, Northbound)
  • South Saxon Roundabout
  • H6 Childs Way Westbound (South Witan to Grafton Gate)

Repairs are also planned on the footway of Avebury Boulevard (Grafton to Elder) North.

For up to date information on when repairs will take place visit

More information on MK Council’s resurfacing works, can also be found here

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