Milton Keynes Council needs to hear your views on the Milton Keynes’ draft budget by the end of January 2015.

The 2015/16 Budget is the most difficult in the history of Milton Keynes Council.

Milton Keynes Council needs to save £22m in order to deliver the 2015/2016 Budget ….and will need to save a further £48m by 2020, a total of £70m.

This is the equivalent of saving £1,300 per household by 2020, while Milton Keynes continues to grow by 1750 households per year with no extra money from Government.

Despite this fact, the council continues to deliver over 250 services to more than 256,000 residents in 106,000 households.

However, the decisions on how to prioritise our spending will not be easy. Many valued and well-loved services will not be able to continue in their current form. We need your input to help us make those difficult decisions, help us understand what services you value most and how we can work together in changing the way we work.

The consultation asks for your views on the Council’s budget proposals for 2015-16. The proposals contain details of savings we feel we must make in order to protect services for the most vulnerable of our citizens.

To give your views:
Visit our Consultation page:

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Write to:

Let’s Talk Budget MK.


Milton Keynes Council,

Civic Offices,

1 Saxon Gate,

Milton Keynes,


Twitter @mkcouncil


Key proposals include:

  • Savings of £4.1m over four years from Council support services through efficiencies and creating income from other public bodies.
  • Savings of £2.3m over 4 years through streamlining processes reducing duplication and changing the way customers access services.
  • A review of the way library services, children’s centres and youth provision are delivered through the Community and Cultural Services Review.
  • Responding to a request from local stakeholders to invest in better and more parking facilities, requiring parking charges to be raised.
  • Some revisions to bus subsidies and concessionary fares to be delivered with bus operators with the aim of saving £1.7m while minimising the impact on bus users wherever possible.
  • Investing £1.3m to support people with learning disabilities and £1.4m for older people and people with physical disabilities.
  • Investing £1.5m in protecting vulnerable children
  • Continuing to invest £50m in improving the borough’s transport network.
  • Plans to build 100 council homes to help residents that need a roof over their heads.
  • Building eight new schools over the next five years and expanding many others, to ensure all children can access a school place.
  • Building a residual waste treatment facility, to reduce the costs of disposing of waste and to reduce our environmental impact.

As part of the consultation Leader of MKC, Pete Marland, will be visiting several locations around the borough in December and January 2015 and is keen to listen and hear your views. To find out more visit our Budget Roadshow Pages

What happens next?

Budget Review Group meetings open to the public.

6 January 2015 : 7.00 pm in Council Chamber

7 January 2015 : 5.00 pm in Room 4

15 January 2015 : 6.30 pm in Council Chamber

21 January 2015 : 6.30 pm in Council Chamber

End of Consultation

31 January 2015: public consultation ends.

9 February : feedback from the public and interested parties will be considered and reflected in a report to the Council’s Cabinet.

18 February 2015 : full council meets to agree the final budget and council tax for 2015/16.

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