Milton Keynes Winter Wonderland

A statement has been made by Milton Keynes Council.

“The organiser of Winter Wonderland has let many families and individuals down by not delivering the promised quality event. Milton Keynes Council Trading Standards is looking into whether offences have taken place, and if so will be taking appropriate action.

The organiser states that refunds will be given. We ask consumers to ring 08454 04 05 06 if they need advice on how to obtain a refund. You may wish to contact your bank immediately to see if they can offer any assistance.

While the organisers had previously stated the Council was supporting the event, this is not the case. We have not provided any financial or other support. As the event was on private land, the only licence provided by the Council was an alcohol licence.

As a place, Milton Keynes has a track record of popular and successful events, from outdoor cinema festivals to a thriving International Festival and from the Olympic Torch Relay to the Red Bull Home Run. We are very disappointed this event, which was clearly not organised by the Council, was not the quality, family friendly spectacle usually experienced in Milton Keynes.”

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Action needed on poor quality ‘forgotten’ housing in CMK

Housing standards in North Ninth Street and North Tenth Street are so poor that urgent action is needed.

North Ninth and Tenth Street is located in Central Milton Keynes, with medium rise (three storey) flats, many of which are owned by the Council. Some are also owned by housing associations and some are leasehold.

They face a range of problems, from cockroach infestations, to damp, to poor security. Some drug dealing locally is adding to the problems, as is the need to update the properties.

Local councillor Paul Williams has become involved and is seeking to help the residents improve the flats and surrounding area.

Cllr Paul Williams said, “These flats have been ‘forgotten’, despite being just yards from the Civic Offices. It would seem housing in Central Milton Keynes is often overlooked because of the city centre’s unique characteristics.”

Cllr Williams is:

Writing to Council bosses about the problem.
Writing a letter to all residents with a survey.
Raising the matter with CMK Town Council
Discussing the matter with the CMK Residents Association.

Cllr Williams concluded, “I am deeply concerned about the growing problems with these flats. Long term investment is needed alongside some actions like eradicating the cockroaches and making basic repairs.”

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