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Milton Keynes is a city which does things differently. Whereas many places are defined by their past, Milton Keynes is a city which looks forward to the future. Whether looking at Central Milton Keynes Shopping Centre, built in the early days of Milton Keynes; or the much more recent stadium:mk which brought football to the city; it’s clear Milton Keynes is a city of ambition. We seek to create our own history, rather than dwelling on our past.

That said, it is important we recognise our heritage and that we don’t lose sight of the many things which make Milton Keynes such a fantastic place to live.

I believe CMK Market is one of those fantastic features. Many cities across Britain have a Primark. Fewer cities have strong vibrant markets. Our market is not just a set of stalls selling produce. It is a community hub, where people from different backgrounds come together.

The problem with the Secklow Gate Primark development was that it sought to damage some of what was good about Milton Keynes.

As I’ve said many times, I would welcome seeing a Primark built in Central Milton Keynes. Secklow Gate was simply the wrong location.

I am delighted that the livelihoods of market traders are no longer threatened. However now is not the time to stop the campaign, especially as thecentre:mk may look to submit revised plans on the same location.

Over 20,000 people signed a petition to save the market, and I’m incredibly proud to have played a small part in that campaign.

However now that we know what the market means to the people of Milton Keynes, it is clear we should be looking to invest in it. CMK Market is a highly valued community asset but it clearly needs some attention and a lot of investment.

As long as I remain a Councillor, I will be pushing for investment in CMK Market to ensure it remains a strong vibrant market for years to come.

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MK Heritage Open Days

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Heritage Open Days

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