Unemployment rising in Campbell Park

I was disappointed to learn today that unemployment has risen again in Campbell Park ward. The number of people claiming unemployment benefits rose to 695 in February from 599 the previous month.

Across Milton Keynes, unemployment reached 5,989 in February from 5,475 the previous month.

This is a clear indication that George Osborne’s cuts have failed to deliver an economic recovery. It’s time the Government focused on creating jobs and growth, rather than stifling growth through damaging cuts to public services.


Unemployment Summary MK Feb 13 by Paul_Williams_3205

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Millions vs Millionaires

Today I was out talking to people in Oldbrook, just days before tax changes give millionaires an average £100,000 windfall. This is happening at the same time as drastic changes to benefits mean the average family will be £891 worse off.

It was shocking to hear from people who had no idea how they would get by, many of whom were in work but struggling to pay the bills.

Are you struggling to pay the bills due to Government cuts? Why not fill in our cost of living survey?

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