Councillor calls for safety measures following fatal traffic accident.

Milton Keynes Council have agreed to investigate possible safety measures, following a fatal accident on the V6 Grafton Street junction with Oldbrook Boulevard.

The junction crosses a central reservation, with traffic crossing a 70mph road before entering Oldbrook.

Cllr Paul Williams, Labour Councillor for Campbell Park, has urged the Council to look at ways to make the junction safer after hearing from concerned residents.

Cllr Paul Williams said “I was saddened to hear of this tragic accident. I have heard from residents who avoid this junction altogether, as they believe it to be unsafe”.

Following the accident, I have asked Milton Keynes Council to look at appropriate measures to make the junction safer”.

In response to Cllr Paul Williams, Milton Keynes Council’s Head of Road Safety said, “Having interrogated our accident database, there is a history of right-turn-in collisions here (5 in the last three year period to Jan ’14). With the inclusion of this incident, the junction meets the MKC intervention criteria of six or more accidents within a 50m radius in a three year period. As such, the junction will be subject to investigation to establish what remedial measures can be made.”

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Harriet Harman launches Labour’s ‘Ambitious for Milton Keynes’ election campaign

Over 150 people joined Harriet Harman at reception and campaign launch at MK Academy in Leadenhall to hear more about Labour’s local plans for Milton Keynes.

The elections on 22 May this year will see all 57 councillors up for election on the newly expanded Milton Keynes council. Labour will be contesting all wards and hoping to make gains against the incumbent minority-Conservative administration.

Labour used the opportunity for Harriet Harman’s visit to unveil their election pledges, with affordable housing and help for families with the cost living being the top priorities for the party in the city.

Labour Group Leader, Cllr Pete Marland, described as manifesto as ‘ambitious for the future of Milton Keynes’ and focused on the issues that people had raised with the party on the doorstep.

Labour’s key pledges for the council are to:

  • Start building 200 extra council houses by 2017 and ensure more affordable homes to rent and buy in new developments.
  • Make MK a Living Wage borough, encourage more employers to pay well and ban the use of zero-hours contracts in vital council services.
  • Introduce a £500 childcare voucher for parents returning to work after 3 years, and ensure universal access to Children’s Centre services for all families in Milton Keynes.
  • Implement a 14 day pothole guarantee that lets you know when the defect you report will be fixed.
  • Invest an extra £500,000 in public transport over the next 3 years to improve services and ensure people can travel across Milton Keynes easily and affordably.
  • Delivering value for money in tough times by reviewing spending on contracts and reducing waste, by using new approaches such as co-ops and mutuals while fixing our infrastructure; rather than managing decline like the Tories.

Harriet Harman, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party said: “It was great to see so many people at the launch of Labour’s Milton Keynes Election campaign.

“This is a very important election for Milton Keynes -the Tory-Lib Dem Government’s economic decisions have continued to stifle economic growth and undermine vital public services in Milton Keynes. People in Milton Keynes are paying the price for these failed Tory-Lib Dem policies and are an estimated £2061 worse off now than since the General Election in 2010. Thousands of families are being hit hard by this out-of-touch government – and young people are still struggling to find work.

“But Cllr Pete Marland and his team have set out how they can make a difference and be ambitious for Milton Keynes.”

Cllr Pete Marland, said voting for Labour will mean positive policies and a bright future,“Milton Keynes needs ambitious leadership that is up to the challenges of growth. Labour want to ensure Milton Keynes Council delivers the services we all need, putting people at the centre of our growth.

“We want to ensure that people who’ve grown up in the city aren’t priced out of renting or buying here, we will make affordable housing a priority and set a target of building 200 new council houses. We will also make MK a Living Wage borough, paying fair wages to council staff and contractors, and helping to attract the best employers to the city. We are ambitious for Milton Keynes and a vote for Labour says you feel the same.”

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